Steps involved in the making of wedding floral wreaths

Decorating the bride with the floral crown which gives them an ultimate and attractive look. Generally, you have heard it in the stories that the princess wore the floral crown or you might have also seen in the movies that are worn by the heroine of the movies.

After seeing or hearing all these people used to think it is too costly to buy, but that is not the truth you can do it on your own with few steps. Here it is mentioned and through following it you can make DIY wedding hair wreaths;

Before start making the wedding head wreath, get to know the requirements for making it so that your preparation goes without any interruptions.

When you are thinking about making the floral wreaths you have to collect the flowers, keep in mind it is no compulsion to pick the flowers in equal size.

You can also pick the smallest flowers that can help you in filling up the crowns, at the same time, you can collect the different colour flowers to make them colourful.

The flowers are based on your choice so you can pick the larger focal flowers too.

Steps to make a floral wedding crown

In the first step, you have to take the two floral wires and connect them. Cross the wires one on another and twist them, when it comes to wire you can also prefer the fabric coated wires.

Now you have to measure the size around your head and cut the wire accordingly. You have to ensure that you have left some extra spaces around your head.

flowersBecause when it is filled up with flowers it occupies some of the space and makes the crown in round shape.

It is time to make up your flowers for a crown, you have to trim your flowers. Here you have to leave at least 3 inches of the flower stem.

Then place the flowers on the wire and twist the wire again, push the wire down on the flower stem. You can wrap all the flowers with the help of the floral tape that holds the flowers together. You can wrap a bunch of flowers to create an attractive look.

After that, you can attach those flower bunches to the crown and fill the extra spaces with the small flowers. To give the fresh look you can refrigerate it for some time.

Final thoughts

Making the wedding floral crowns is a simple thing when you follow the steps one after another. But still, it gives you an admiring look to your bride.

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