DIY wedding bouquet

At a wedding, you will plan to make something handy so that those will be a memorable one during the time of the wedding. The best choice to make something on your own is the bouquet. You can simply make a DIY wedding bouquet and also you will not need a lot of money for that. With…

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Best ring for the wedding: platinum or palladium?

Wedding rings are very important because they play a major role in both the bride and the groom’s life. The selection process of the ring should be done in the right way because if you have selected one and you have started to wear them then changing the other after the wedding should not be…

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Will it be bad luck to sell your wedding dress?

A wedding dress is something important they will say you about everything and that has to be kept as a memory till the end of your life. In the future whenever you see the wedding dress the entire thing that happened at your wedding will come into your mind as a memory. You should not sell…

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